What Can I Do

Hi, my name is Jordy van Miltenburg studying at Avans University of Applied Sciences. Where we are thought to think outside of the box and come up with innovative ideas. During my study I started growing more interest for 3D designing and animating. Than it’s not a coincidence that I got into 3D printing. The other side of me like programming. Building an experience for the user in the form of an interactive installation using an Arduino is what I like the most.


3D Design 80%
Programming 70%
Interaction 70%


3D printing 90%
Arduino 80%
Adobe programs 70%


I’m good at a lot of sometimes useless things. For example I can juggle up to 4 balls, solve a rubik’s cube 2×2 and 3×3. Maybe these skills are resulting in good hand eye coordination and problem solving at least that is what I think.


One of my hobby’s is riding a motorcycle. The thing I like about riding my motorcycle is the freedom it gives. It always helps me clearing my mind.

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